Beach Dog Boarding & Salon has an "almost" state-of-the-art grooming salon with a big walk-in tub fo

Dog Grooming

~ Appointments ~

Grooming appointments are ALWAYS required so please plan ahead 1 - 2 weeks
for appointments during the busy grooming season December to March.

Dogs with a confirmed grooming or bath appointment need to arrive at 

10am Puerto Vallarta time ... (9am La Penita time)

PLEASE be on time for your appointment!

They will usually be ready for pick-up between 2-5pm PV time. 

(We'll confirm the time when you drop your dog off that morning)

Please give your dog an opportunity to  relieve themselves before they arrive. We normally give them one potty break during their visit. They relax during the day in a clean and safe modular cage  with fresh water when not on the table.

Beach Dog Boarding & Salon has an "almost" state-of-the-art grooming salon with a big walk-in tub for those big dogs and every professional tool needed to make your dog look their very best.


Melanie, our Professional Groomer (20 yrs experience) & Owner, can groom your dog any way you like. She specializes in the Terrier group, but is able to groom any specific Breed Profile OR give your dog a comfortable Beach Cut.  

Special care is always given to senior dogs.

for a grooming or bath appointment email us at

or fill in the form below.

Grooming & Baths

All fees depend on the amount of time it takes to groom a dog. Most are at Minimum rate.

For a Grooming Appointment

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